Kratom: The Unsung Hero

I have something to share & I would like you all to please read it. The topic is kratom. It comes from the root of a tree in Asia and folks get it in powder form. It stimulates the opioid receptors of the brain but is not an opioid itself. In fact, this substance is related to the coffee family. Pretty crazy right? Well, what is so significant about this stuff is that it weans folks off of opioids, such as heroin. Not only that, but it relieves the symptoms of chronic pain associated with autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia & RA. OTC medication can have serious adverse effects, affecting people’s moods, state of mind, and causing an addiction to said medications. Kratom does none of these things, yet the DEA & FDA want to make this substance a schedule 1 narcotic. I and my husband have been signing petitions & spreading the word about this life saving & life changing substance for many years now. My husband has an undiagnosed autoimmune disease & kratom has been his saving grace. He didn’t work for 5 years because he was in too much pain, tired all the time, brain fog. With kratom, he’s working again, and no adverse effects. With the pain meds he was given by doctors, he was a completely different person. With kratom, he is still the man I married 10 years ago. Please do some research on kratom. Yes, narcotics like opioids are deadly. Kratom isn’t, yet it may be taken away. Please take the time to read about it. Thank you.


The Inferior Lower Class of Society

I’ve been thinking about this off and on lately, and what I concluded is that wages back in the 50s (let’s just go with that decade for now) and the cost of living complemented each other, very well, in fact. The cost of fuel complemented the cost of living and wages as well as did groceries. Simpler times if you will. And to add to the thought of simpler times, there weren’t as many bills to pay as there are now.

Turn the hands of time to present day and we have wages, fuel costs, and the cost of living that do not complement each as they did decades ago. But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to technology, for example, we have more bills each month. The internet costs money each month, and anyone who’s anyone these days has access at home and needs it in order to find work, as pounding the pavement has become a thing of the past for most; having cable or satellite TV costs money each month, and nobody wants to miss their shows; let’s not forget about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Redbox, and the countless other ways to spend money for entertainment purposes, including outside of the home – the much higher cost of going to see a movie in the theater these days. 
With all of these taken into consideration, this means that your power bill will be higher too, right? 
What about all of the different types of insurance that we must have now, i.e., car insurance, homeowners insurance, medical, dental, and vision coverage, renters insurance, pet deposits, and even pet rent? How many of these that I just mentioned were mandatory back in the 1950s? How many are mandatory now? I don’t think that pet rent was even conceived of back then.
My point is that what we now consider normal, every day necessities are luxuries that our grandfathers & grandmothers never had. Technology, greed, and luxury items are the reasons we can’t make it on just one income anymore. 
If you’re in a low-income household, you’re expected to live without the luxury of television, internet, and going to the movies, however, when you enter the workforce, you are expected to dwell in harmony with your peers and managers, relating to them on their level, even when you cannot because you can’t afford the same luxuries they can. 
Children of low-income households suffer in the same ways, not able to relate to their peers because they don’t watch the same shows, have a cell phone, nice designer clothes, or the latest cool game everybody’s playing. Hence the bullying, being made to feel inferior to those around them.
In conclusion, we either need to take away all of these luxury items, which I don’t see happening, or we need to do the right thing by those who suffer in the lower class. For instance, maybe we can raise the minimum wage without boosting costs on everything else, that way a lower-class citizen (adult or child) is not seen as such while being ostracized or bullied for being inferior to others, but instead can live in harmony with those around them. 
Wouldn’t that be a nice world to live in, or are the upper classes so greedy and self-serving that they want to keep it this way so they may have people to look down on in order to make them feel better about themselves?

“The Alchemist” Review: 2017 Reading Challenge

The Alchemist was originally written in Portuguese by Paulo Coelho, and it is “the most translated book by any living author.” Translated into more than 80 different languages, it was on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly six years. That’s quite a long time for any book, and after reading it, I can see why.

This books changed my outlook on life, if only for a short while. I feel like I need to read it again in order to experience that zen I reached directly after finishing it. I had been hit pretty hard with some troubling news when I was only  a few pages away from finishing this book. 

My hubby got a message saying that one of our neighbors had been kicked out of our apartments with a 20-day notice. I researched this information and found that it is legal in our state of Washington, sadly. Our apartments are being renovated and everyone must eventually move out of their current apartment units and either move into renovated units for over $300 more per month, or go elsewhere. Being as we’re a low-income household, I had my moment of panic and then collected myself before heading down to the office to speak with the manager.

The office was closed temporarily so I came back home and finished my book. With a sense of calm and a diplomatic approach, I went back to the office and got the full story, which I will not reiterate. I have had exceptional rapport with this manager ever since the transfer in ownership occured. She was more than happy to accommodate, although our options are what they are and we still don’t know we are going to do.

If not for just finishing The Alchemist, who knows how I would have approached that situation. I am usually diplomatic and can hide my true emotions if need be, but I actually felt a calming sense of peace and hope while speaking with her. 

The Alchemist tells the story of a young man who is given a chance, a chance that has always been there, but that he has neglected to see until he was told to look for signs by a few integral characters. These characters, this young man’s motivation, and the signs put before him, all shape his destiny and who he is to become. Through many joys & hardships, Santiago discovers treasures that only those who dare to follow their dreams will ever truly know. 

I shall aspire to be that courageous someday.

Let’s Walk Together

​I think it would be nice if we could all accept each other for our differences – our different appearances, our different tastes in foods, tastes in music, tv, movies, favorite animals, our lifestyles, hair styles, book genres, types of cell phones, religions, video games, our sizes, genders, ages, political views, clothing styles…the list goes on…

If we stop seeing something wrong with each other’s choices on any and all of these matters, accepting one another for our differences without judgement and/or ridicule, wouldn’t the world be a much more pleasant place? That’s a world I would like to live in. 🙂

This is my goal. I will lead by example. I hope some of you will walk beside me on the path to acceptance and tolerance.

Time, the Foe of Foes

The cold, frigid landscape of December has gone. It is a nice day on this first of January, starting another year, however, an arctic front will be moving in soon and I can feel it encroaching upon us. Though, the heater is off today and I sit here on my bed with foot atop covers, later in the week, the heater will be on, my feet socked, snow imminent.

This leaves me anxious as the winds of change rustle the naked branches outside my window. Life changed in such a dramatic way when the red, yellow, and orange leaves were still on the tree. It was as if I awoke the next morning after a rough storm to no leaves at all, seeming that months and months had passed with not even a single leaf left to decorate the wet grass.

Come Halloween, my position had been eliminated at a place I had called my second home. With a few temporary assignments since then, nothing seems to fit. I wonder if I will ever find what I had. I hear words of encouragement that something better will come along, but they are just words, empty with the best of intentions.

As I follow those winds of change, I find myself tucked away in my bedroom, a zombie to the television, to my smart device, and a hermit to the world around me. True, my ailment currently limits me, but I see no light at the end of the sinus infection tunnel, only the dark, unsavory path of the unknown. Usually, change does not scare me.

I embrace change and all it entails, but this time . . . this time feels different. I am weighed down by a lack of motivation, anguish over losing my second home, and the people there that I learned to love and respect. It’s all gone, and I am now lost, starting over yet again in a society of politics and drama.

I march to the beat of my own drum where work is concerned and wish to parade alone, yet this never is the case as uninvited guests tend to crash my party of one. Time is not on my side as money makes the world go ’round, and though my spouse is now employed, it is not enough to carry the weight. I must snap out of this trance, begin again, anew, with eyes seeing what could be instead of what is and what has been.

Oh, time . . .

You are a cruel teacher with your commanding presence at every turn.

Driftwood Art

As I wade, vulnerable

In the open sea,

Shore approaches.

The wading,

And the waiting 

Has ceased

As I roll in.

A beach at sunset,

Lovers walk hand in hand

Until they reach me.

Notches and knobby protrusions

Stick out from every side.

They stare,

At my tattered wreck of a self.


Warm, calloused, yet smooth, kind

Caress my rugged knobs, 

My smooth sides.


Taken far from here.


For them to see,

Surrounded by painted walls

And others like me.

Admired for my smooth curves,

My misshapen knobs,


In all my splendor.

Once ordinary,

Now a masterpiece.

Mouthy, Opinionated Bitch

Yep! That’s me! I get in so much trouble on Facebook for researching things that people by falsifying it or arguing my point in their comments section. Case in point today – feminism – more specifically, women bashing on men for the few who dropped out of clinical trials for the male birth control contraceptive. 

The original post by a friend of mine on Facebook can be found here. I countered the article with one I found, a article that can be read here

My comment read: “I looked up some more info on the topic and this seems to be the most thorough that I have found. This situation isn’t as cut and dry as the article you shared makes it out to be. I can understand your frustration, though. 

After reading this snopes article, I agree that more testing and research should be done before something concrete starts hitting the streets so to speak, as men’s bodies & women’s bodies differ so vastly. As this article also states, it did take a while for women’s contraceptives to develop into fully marketable products. I believe scientists & researchers should take the same necessary precautions for men as they still do for women, considering all matters very carefully before making any final decisions.”

My friend replied with, “It was still shut down due to it having the same side effects as women’s BC, making it seem as though those side effects are fine for women but not for men.”

My final comment reads, “Bottom line is that they’re still in clinical trials. Very early stages. Yes, side effects come from some meds, and not all experience serious side effects. That’s why I went with the bc pills that have the least side effects. It’s just silly to me, and kind of rude in fact, that men are getting singled out and ridiculed when they’re going through these clinical trials not knowing what’s in store for them, because clinical trials can be dangerous. Women went through these trials too and as I recall, they weren’t ridiculed when some of them opted out of the trials. I’ve never heard mention of it at all in fact. Just more reasons for women to poke fun at men for being men.”

My husband tells me not to poke the near. Feminists get so offended and call you out when you opt out of the conversation for one reason or another. Well, this is exactly what my Facebook friend did.

After giving her the statistical facts that “75% of men in the clinical study for birth control stayed in and said they would even be willing to take it – better by far than the national average for all clinical studies across the board,” she replied with, “It helps to look at it with a sense of humor! Not everything is meant to be serious commentary.”

What irritates me most is that some of the most of the females in his family are feminists and post these things often. My husband and I disagree, as you can clearly see, so he hasn’t even been on Facebook lately and I just can’t help myself sometimes. I do not take these sort of things lying on my back like a dying dog. I am a tough cookie who stands up for what I believe in, no matter if it offends them or not. Out of respect for my hubby, I refrain sometimes, but not always. 

Messy Family

​Unemployed at the moment, and since I’ve been home a lot more lately, I am noticing how my home gets so messy. My family leaves things lying around, even on the floor. Whether they actually don’t know these things are misplaced or do and just do not care, I don’t know. I’ll tell you what though – since I’ve been home, this place has been staying a lot cleaner and tidier. 🙂 Albeit, Travis and I worked our butts off getting this place all clean & ready for the apartment inspection, but I’m the one who’s been keeping it that way. 😉